Can You Use WeChat Without Phone Number?

Is WeChat linked to phone number?


You can link your mobile number with only one WeChat ID.

You cannot link your phone number with a new WeChat account if you’ve forgotten your previously linked WeChat ID.

Once you’ve linked a mobile number on WeChat, it’s not available to unlink it but you can only change to another..

Can WeChat friends see your phone number?

The only time your phone number is used in WeChat is when you friend someone using it. Otherwise it is not advertised on the network. It may be discoverable through the app search function so a specific option within the privacy menu helps you keep your number to yourself.

How can I transfer my WeChat account to a new number?

To request a phone number or email change simply tap on Me > tap on Settings > tap on My Account > tap on Phone > tap on Change phone number and follow the steps.

Can we change WeChat ID?

To change your ID, simply go to the “Me” section in WeChat, then tap the top-right arrow and then tap WeChat ID > Change WeChat ID. Note that the ID must be between 6-20 characters and must begin with a letter, but may contain letters, numbers, underscores, and dashes.

How do I retrieve my WeChat account?

Part 1. How to Retrieve WeChat AccountOn the WeChat, login screen tap on the “more” option and then select the switch account button.Now select the phone as a login option and choose log in via SMS.Follow the instruction to receive SMS on your mobile number, complete the process, and tap on submit.More items…

How can I create WeChat account without phone number?

Can WeChat sign up without phone number? There is no way to sign up for WeChat without phone number. The phone number is an important way for WeChat to identify spam users. Each phone number can only register ONE WeChat account, so it’s efficient for WeChat to pick up spam users.

How can I recover my WeChat account without phone number?

Go to WeChat help center and select retrieve account password. You can retrieve your password by email or QQ number if you’ve linked them previously to your account.

How do I know my WeChat number?

It’s beneath the gray person icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen. Tap Settings. Tap Account Security. Find your username next to “WeChat ID.” It’s the first line under the “Account” header.

How do you verify someone on WeChat?

FREE WECHAT VERIFICATION!Sign up via facebook how you normally would on wechat.Make sure the Facebook account you’re using has the same phone number that you’re planning to use on your Wechat account. … When setting up Wechat with facebook use it on the phone with the phone number you’re going to use. … Enter verification code and you’re set!

How can I activate WeChat account without friend?

You do not need to have friends who use WeChat to sign up. Download the mobile app on the Apple App Store or on Google Play. If you click Sign-Up, it will ask you to enter your phone number. Once you enter your mobile phone number, you will receive a verification code on your phone.

How can I get WeChat without verification?

There are 5 ways to sign up/verify account on WeChat without verification from friend.Go to kiwikiwifly and peopleperhour, and search wechat keyword in the search box. … Find a Chinese friend in a chinese restaurant. … Go to taobao marketplace. … There are also some websites where you can buy it.More items…•

Can one phone number have 2 WeChat account?

WeChat Help Center. Can I register/bind multiple accounts with one phone number ? Each phone number is only allowed to sign up for one WeChat account/be bound to one WeChat account. If your current mobile number has no binding relation with any WeChat account, it can be used for a new registration.

You can link or unlink your phone number by going to 「Me」 -> 「Settings」 -> 「My Account」 -> 「Phone」. After you’ve linked your mobile number, you can use Mobile Contacts Integration to find your friends who also use WeChat and add them. You can also retrieve your WeChat password via your linked mobile number.

Does WeChat automatically add contacts?

WeChat allows users the option to invite mobile contacts to join WeChat. WeChat automatically syncs your contact list but prior to invites being sent out you will have a option to proceed or not.