Question: Which Is The Nearest Small Town Near Palampur?

Why are Labourers paid less in Palampur?

A: The wages for farm labourers in Palampur are lower than the wages for farm labourers set by the government due to intense competition.

There is heavy competition among the farmers for work in Palampur, so farmers get ready to work for lower wages..

How far is raiganj from the village Palampur?

13 Kms.Raiganj, a big village, is 13 Kms. from Palampur. Modern farming methods require more inputs which are manufactured in industry.

How can you say that Palampur is a well Village?

Palampur is a well-developed village as it is connected to other nearby villages through well-developed systems of roads. The village has two primary schools and one high school. The village also has a primary health care centre and a private dispensary.

Which is the nearest small town to Palampur?

shahpurThe town nearest to palampur is shahpur .

What is the name of nearest town to village Palampur?

shahpurthe nearest town to village palampur is shahpur and nearest village is raiganj……

What connects Palampur Neighbouring villages and towns?

Palampur is well-connected with neighbouring villages and towns. Raiganj, a big village, is 3 kms from Palampur. An all weather road connects the village to Raiganj and further on to the nearest small town of Shahpur.

What is the situation of communication in Palampur?

Palampur is a village nearby Shahpur where transport and communication systems have developed very well recently. They have a well developed system of roads that are connected and over which vehicles can travel easily across Shahpur ie the nearest town.

Who runs the primary health Centre in Palampur?

governmentAnswer: The Primary Health Centre in Palampur is run by the government.

What is the total area of the Palampur village?

226 hectaresFill up the following based on information on Palampur. Answer: LOCATION: Bulandshahr District, Western Uttar Pradesh. TOTAL AREA OF THE VILLAGE: 226 hectares.

What facilities are available in Palampur?

Electricity is used to run tubewells in fields and for many other purposes. Palampur has two primary schools and one high school. There is a primary health centre run by the government and one private dispensary where the sick are treated. It also has a well-developed system of roads and transport facilities.

Which type of commercial Centre is being run in Palampur?

Although farming is the main activity in Palampur around 25% of the population is involved in non farming commercial activities activities like dairy and are involved in selling milk to the neighboring villages.

Which type of village Palampur is?

Answer. Palampur is a hypothetical village which is lying in the Bulandshshar district of Western Uttar Pradesh. It is 3 kms from Raiganj (a big village ) and the Raiganj road further connects it to Shahpur, the nearest small town.