Quick Answer: Are Truck Drivers Exempt From Minimum Wage?

Why are truck drivers exempt from overtime?

Are truck drivers exempt from overtime.

Truck drivers that are required to travel over state lines regularly because they are carrying and delivering goods in trucks that weigh over 10,000 pounds have been exempt from overtime pay because of the Motor Carrier Act..

What is the minimum salary 2020?

$13 per hourCalifornia State Minimum Wage On January 1, 2020, California’s statewide minimum wage will increase to $13 per hour for employers with 26 or more employees and $12 per hour for employers with 25 or fewer employees.

Is it worth being a truck driver?

Yes. Indeed they are. Investing either your time (to attend a paid CDL training school/job) or your money (to attend a private trucking school) is certainly worth your investment. Attending a well chosen truck driving school, can pay off many times over.

Why do truck drivers quit?

As you probably would expect, money issues, including rates and getting enough miles, are the top reason drivers leave. … “Even when money is the biggest reason, it rarely accounts for more than 20 percent of the people who left,” Yurkus says.

Does minimum wage apply to exempt employees?

Federal law establishes a minimum salary of $684 per week for the professional exemption. Employers seeking to classify employees as exempt from overtime should ensure employees meet both federal and state exemption criteria.

What is a for hire motor carrier?

An authorized for-hire motor carrier transports passengers, regulated property or household goods owned by others for compensation. If you are a for-hire carrier, in addition to the USDOT number you will also need to obtain operating authority (MC number).

What qualifies as an exempt employee 2020?

The new rule requires that exempt salaried employees must be paid at least $684 per week, or $35,568 annually. Employees who do not meet this salary level must be classified as non-exempt, and be paid overtime for all hours worked over 40 in a workweek. Employers have two compliance options: Raise Salary.

Can Truck drivers be salaried employees?

In some cases, truckers may be paid a flat salary rather than by the hour or mile. Salaries depend on the amount of experience a driver has, but are usually associated with better benefits than other types of payment. Some other factors affect truck driver pay, such as the type of load they carry.

Do truckers wear diapers?

You sleep in your truck, you eat in your truck, you spend every minute in your truck. The trucks have sleeper berths behind the cab, with bunk beds and cabinets and a few shelves, and that basically becomes your home for weeks at a time. … Some truck drivers even wear diapers to avoid stopping at bathrooms — not kidding.

What do New truck drivers earn?

The average yearly salary for rookies is $40,000. Of course, bonuses and additional perks are available for their top drivers. J.B.

Are truck drivers exempt employees?

Only drivers, drivers’ helpers, loaders who are responsible for proper loading, and mechanics working directly on motor vehicles that are to be used in transportation of passengers or property in interstate commerce can be exempt from the overtime provisions of the FLSA under Section 13(b)(1).

Why is truck driver pay so low?

Interesting to note this started with Deregulation. Now with combined with low shipping rates for freight, there isn’t much left over to sufficiently compensate the driver, thus the low wages. Too much work unpaid. Most drivers don’t get paid for all their time worked.

Do truckers get paid overtime?

Route drivers are usually paid overtime, but other truck driving positions do not pay overtime. It is straight pay, even if a log book is kept and the driver is local. With all of the rules and regulations in place regarding how long truckers can drive without having to stop hourly pay is not always worth it.

Is Hay an exempt commodity?

Exempt freight includes commodities that are perishable or that can expire. Things that haven’t been processed, like dairy products and hay bales, are classified as exempt. Also timely, dated materials, like newspapers, are also exempt.

Can you work over 40 hours and not get overtime?

The federal overtime provisions are contained in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Unless exempt, employees covered by the Act must receive overtime pay for hours worked over 40 in a workweek at a rate not less than time and one-half their regular rates of pay.

What is an exempt motor carrier?

An exempt for-hire motor carrier transports exempt (unregulated) property owned by others for compensation. The exempt commodities usually include unprocessed or unmanufactured goods, fruits and vegetables, and other items of little or no value.

What is exempt commodity?

An exempt commodity is any exchange traded commodity that is not an excluded commodity or an agricultural commodity, such as energy and metal commodities.

Do exempt employees have to work 8 hours a day?

Most employers expect their exempt employees to work the number of hours necessary to get their jobs done. It doesn’t matter if that takes more or fewer than 40 hours per week. Even if your exempt employee works 70 hours in a week, you are still only required to pay them their standard base salary.