Quick Answer: How Many Villages Are There In India In 2020?

How many villages are there in India State wise?

State CodeStates/Union TerritoriesNo.

of Villages in 2001 #29KARNATAKA29,48330GOA35931LAKSHADWEEP2432KERALA1,36433 more rows.

Which is the most beautiful village in India?

India’s Most Beautiful Villages and TownsCherrapunji, Meghalaya. … Orchha, Madhya Pradesh. … Gokarna, Karnataka. … Manali, Himachal Pradesh. … Nainital, Uttarakhand. … Khimsar, Rajasthan. … Diskit, Ladakh.

Which is the biggest village in Delhi?

KaralaKarala is the largest advance village of Delhi.

Which is the famous village in India?

1. Diskit Village, Ladakh. Diskit is set in the remote region of Ladakh. The village is surrounded by the beauty and thrill that Ladakh has to offer its many visitors.

What is a village in India?

This village in the Bengal region is in a rural part of India. … A village is a small settlement usually found in a rural setting. It is generally larger than a “hamlet” but smaller than a “town”. Some geographers specifically define a village as having between 500 and 2,500 inhabitants.

How many villages are there in India?

664,369 villagesAs of 2019, there’s a total of 664,369 villages, up from the 649,481 in the 2011 Census of India and the 638,365 recorded in the 2001 Census of India.

Which is the biggest village in Odisha?

BhubanCountryIndiaStateOdishaDistrictDhenkanalElevation64 m (210 ft)10 more rows

Which is the first village in India?

Now, if your memory has not been fed with relevant stuff for a long time, take a trip to Bhilar in Maharashtra, the first book village of India. Bhilar is a sleepy, small hamlet located in the Satara district in Maharashtra.

How many primary schools are there in Uttar Pradesh?

866,361 primary schoolsPresently, there are 866,361 primary schools, 8,459 higher secondary schools, 758 degree colleges and 26 universities in the state.

Who is the richest village in Asia?

Madhapar VillageMadhapar Village in Gujarat is Asia’s richest village with one NRI in each home, crores of bank balance, big cars, amazing infrastructure and ATMs in almost every street.

Which country has no village?

USA United States Of AmericaAnswer: it’s USA United States Of America. it has cities but not undeveloped villages. USA is a developed city.

Which is the most developed village in India?

KulgodPIN Code 591310 is the most developed village in the country under the Antyodaya scheme of the Centre. On Wednesday, Kulgod in Karnataka’s Belagavi district got ready to celebrate its special status as the results of the village ranking came in. Its score: 94 out of 100.

Which is the richest village in Delhi?

ChhawlaChhawlaCountryIndiaStateDelhiDistrictSouth WestPopulation (2001)7 more rows

How many tehsils are in Uttar Pradesh?

350Statewise Subdistricts of IndiaStateSubdistrict titleNumber of sub-districtsTripuraSubdivision38Uttar PradeshTehsil350UttarakhandTehsil109West BengalCD Blocks34124 more rows

How many Tehsil are there in up 2020?

The Uttar Pradesh Cabinet decided on Tuesday to create four new Tehsils in the State. Martinganj in Azamgarh district will become a Tehsil, with Mahua Nevada as its headquarters, an official spokesman said.

Which is richest district in India?

Top 10 Richest Cities In IndiaKolkata- Talent Hub Of India. … Bengaluru- Silicon Valley Of India. … Chennai- Detroit Of South Asia. Image Source. … Hyderabad- City Of Pearls. Image Source. … Pune- Oxford Of The East. Image Source. … Ahmedabad- Textile Hub Of India. Image Source. … Surat- City Of Sun. Image Source. … Visakhapatnam- Industrial Port Of India. Image Source.More items…•

How many villages are there in up 2020?

For administrative convenience, it has 18 divisions, 75 districts, 915 urban bodies, 8135 Nyaya Panchayats. 13 Municipal corporations, 226 municipal boards, 59163 gram sabhas, 822 development blocks, 97941 populated villages 180000 post offices and 2885 telephone exchanges.

Which is the smallest village of India?

Ha, Arunachal Pradesh The smallest named place in India, Ha is a tribal village which is situated 4,780 ft above sea level. It is a quiet village located in Longding Koling (Pipsorang) of Kurung Kumey district.

Which state has most villages in India?

BiharIt is also observed that among the States Bihar tops the list which has 1,129 inhabited villages followed by Kerala and Uttar Pradesh which have 797 and 545 in inhabited villages respectively in 2011 Census.

Which is the richest city in India?

MumbaiList of Indian cities by GDP per capitaRankCityGDP (nominal)Per capita 20181Mumbai$ 4,6822Delhi$ 4,5823Kolkata$ 3,7187 more rows

Which village is richest in India?

Dharmaj village in Anand district of Gujarat. The richest villages in India.