Quick Answer: What Is The Synonym Of Prerogative?

What are two other terms that can be used to mean the same as imprisoned?

other words for imprisonapprehend.commit.detain.hold.incarcerate.jail.constrain.nab..

How much power does the Queen have?

The royal prerogative includes the powers to appoint and dismiss ministers, regulate the civil service, issue passports, declare war, make peace, direct the actions of the military, and negotiate and ratify treaties, alliances, and international agreements.

What does my prerogative mean?

A prerogative is someone’s special right or privilege. Prerogative goes back to a Latin root for a group having the right to vote first (prae-, “pre-” + rogare, “to ask”) and thus came to mean “privileged rank.” In current use, it refers to a right or privilege held by any person or group. …

What is a prerogative power?

The term prerogative refers to powers which are unique to the sovereign. Prerogative powers are sometimes referred to as royal prerogative. … The royal prerogative amounts to the residue of the Crown’s unique common law powers which were above and beyond those shared with other legal persons.

How do you use prerogative in a sentence?

It is the prerogative of national governments. I’m a woman; I have the prerogative to change my mind, especially after sleeping on it.

What is another word for Will?

Will Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for will?desirewishmindpreferenceinclinationintentionpleasuredispositionfancyintent56 more rows

Is Perogative a word?

“Prerogative” is frequently both mispronounced and misspelled as “perogative.” It may help to remember that the word is associated with PRivileges of PRecedence.

What is a man’s prerogative?

prerogative in British English 1. an exclusive privilege or right exercised by a person or group of people holding a particular office or hereditary rank. 2. any privilege or right. 3.

What does umbrage mean?

1 : a feeling of pique or resentment at some often fancied slight or insult took umbrage at the speaker’s remarks. 2 : shady branches : foliage. 3 : shade, shadow.

Why are prerogative powers important?

The Royal Prerogative is one of the most significant elements of the UK’s government and constitution. It enables Ministers to, among many other things, deploy the armed forces, make and unmake international treaties and to grant honours.

Which word is similar to umbrage?

Some common synonyms of umbrage are dudgeon, huff, offense, pique, and resentment.

What is the opposite of petulant?

petulant(adjective) Antonyms: easygoing. Synonyms: grouchy, ill-tempered, bad-tempered, irritable, crabby, snappish, huffy.

What is the word for not guilty?

Similar words for not guilty: blameless (adjective) innocent (adjective) … untainted (adjective) acquitted (noun)

How is royal prerogative controlled?

There are four major personal prerogative powers which exercise by the monarch. They are the dissolution of Parliament, the appointment of the Prime Minister, the granting of the royal assent to the legislations and also the dismissal of government.

What does woman’s prerogative mean?

Women often pride themselves on their ability (or prerogative) to change their mind time and time again because… well, they’re a woman. However changing your mind isn’t always a good thing to be proud of, or to do. Especially in business. Now, being decisive is a very powerful tool.

What is the opposite of prerogative?

prerogative. Antonyms: disqualification, disfranchisement. Synonyms: eight, privilege, immunity.

What is another way of saying the word convicted?

Convicted Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for convicted?guiltyculpablecondemnedconvictableimpeachedpeccantwrongcaughtcensuredlicentious66 more rows

What’s the opposite of conviction?

conviction. Antonyms: doubt, giving, disbelief. Synonyms: assurance, persuasion, belief.