Quick Answer: What Kind Of Things Can Be Incendiary?

What is the origin of the word incendiary?

mid-15c., “capable of being used to set fires,” from Latin incendiarius “causing a fire,” from incendium “a burning, a fire, conflagration,” from incendere “set on fire, light up with fire, brighten,” figuratively, “incite, rouse, excite, enrage,” from in- “into, in, on, upon” (from PIE root *en “in”) + candere “to ….

How do you use gambit in a sentence?

He can write his formal letter, but that is just an opening gambit. We are all familiar with that opening gambit. Had it been an election gambit, the reduction would have taken place a few months before the election. He is carrying out his favourite gambit that the best form of defence is attack.

What is another word for incendiary?

In this page you can discover 36 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for incendiary, like: ignitable, burnable, flammable, provocative, subversive, pyromaniac, firebug, petroleur (French), insurgent, instigator and provocateur (French).

Though flamethrowers aren’t entirely banned, you can’t use them to fry your enemies, according to Protocol III of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons. This clause prohibits the use of incendiary weapons on people. You can, however, use them to clear foliage.

What does incendiary bomb mean?

: a bomb that contains an incendiary agent (as jellied gasoline) and is designed to kindle fires at its objective. — called also fire bomb.

How do you use gravitas in a sentence?

Gravitas sentence examplesHis role lent a needed air of gravitas to the medical drama. … I mean, really, have a little goddam gravitas. … C. … bumblel, as a slightly bumbling stuffy Scot he seems to lack the gravitas that I’d want to see in a leader.More items…

What is incendiary weapon?

Incendiary weapons, incendiary devices, incendiary munitions, or incendiary bombs are weapons designed to start fires or destroy sensitive equipment using fire (and sometimes used as anti-personnel weaponry), that use materials such as napalm, thermite, magnesium powder, chlorine trifluoride, or white phosphorus.

Why are incendiary weapons banned?

‘Munitions and devices’ containing toxic incendiary substances are chemical weapons prohibited under the Convention when they are specifically designed to cause death or other harm through their toxic properties, which would be released as a result of the employment of such munitions and devices.

How do you use the word incendiary in a sentence?

Incendiary sentence examples”Ah, he looks very much like an incendiary,” remarked the officer. … His team continued to clear the building and toss flares into corners as they sought out any living insurgents or incendiary devices. … All weapons are strictly prohibited from the stadium, from small knives to incendiary devices.More items…

Legal Status of Incendiary Weapons. The use of flame weapons, such as Fougasse, the M202A1 Flash, white phosphorous, thermobaric, and other incendiary agents, against military targets is not a violation of current international law.

What is improvised incendiary?

An IID is a device designed to destroy, incapacitate, harass, or distract by creating intense heat and fire, rather than by exploding. Terrorists have often used IIDs to attack economic targets.

Are incendiary rounds a war crime?

Incendiary rounds are a war crime when used in built up civilian areas.

What is another word for maelstrom?

SYNONYMS FOR maelstrom 2 tumult, pandemonium, bedlam.

What does conciliatory mean?

conciliatory • \kun-SILL-yuh-tor-ee\ • adjective. : tending to win over from a state of hostility or distrust : intended to gain the goodwill or favor of someone.

What is an incendiary?

Definition of incendiary (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : a person who excites factions, quarrels, or sedition : agitator. 2a : a substance or weapon (such as a bomb) used to start fires. b : a person who commits arson : arsonist.

Can a person be incendiary?

An incendiary device is a bomb. The speeches you give that rile people up are incendiary. … The fires you set are also incendiary, and by setting them you are also likely to be called an incendiary — someone who burns things, more commonly known as an arsonist.

What is another word for cant?

Cant Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for cant?hypocrisyinsinceritypretenceUKsanctimonydissemblingdissimulationpietismpiousnesspretentiousnesssham64 more rows

Are incendiary grenades real?

Incendiary grenades are used to generate thermal energy that is useful in the destruction of biological agents and certain types of hardware. Typically, incendiary grenades contain a thermite (aluminum/iron oxide) that, when ignited, generates flame temperatures of 4000-5000 degrees F.

What does non incendiary mean?

adj. 1 of or relating to the illegal burning of property, goods, etc. 2 tending to create strife, violence, etc.; inflammatory. 3 (of a substance) capable of catching fire, causing fires, or burning readily. n pl , -aries.