What Car Does Blake Drive?

Who is Mattie Blake?

Cate WolfeCate Wolfe as Mattie O’Brien Mattie is a lodger at Dr Blake’s residence.

Her out-going attitude is not understood by housekeeper Jean, which causes clashes with Jeans more clam, maternal nature..

What happened to Dr Blake’s first wife?

Blake’s home life is been thrown into chaos by the arrival of Mei Lin; the wife he thought had died almost 15 years ago during the fall of Singapore.

Does Netflix have Dr Blake Mysteries?

Yes, The Doctor Blake Mysteries: Season 3 is now available on American Netflix.

What happened to Dr Blake in Dr Blake Mysteries?

However, a Doctor Blake crew member later came forward to say McLachlan’s behaviour on the set of the beloved TV show “looked like sexual harassment”. … A source at the Seven Network – the new home of Doctor Blake after it was axed by the ABC – confirmed the series will return without its title character.

Where is the Doctor Blake Mysteries filmed?

BallaratProduction. The series is set and mostly filmed in the gold rush city of Ballarat, in Victoria. It features Lydiard Street and many of the heritage buildings, including the Colonists Club, of which Lucien Blake is a member.

Does Dr Blake ever marry Jean?

It ended with a telemovie in which the title character, GP, police surgeon and self-styled sleuth, Dr Lucien Blake (Craig McLachlan), married his steadfast housekeeper, the widow Jean Beazley (Nadine Garner).

Will Dr Blake Mysteries return in 2020?

Craig McLachlan has been dropped from Seven’s upcoming Doctor Blake Mysteries series, which is set to go ahead without the lead role of Doctor Lucien Blake. The series of four telemovies are now expected to air towards the end of 2018 and through to 2019. …

What is the last episode of Dr Blake Mysteries?

Family PortraitThe Doctor Blake Mysteries/Latest episode

Who is Danny on Dr Blake Mysteries?

Rick DonaldRick Donald played Daniel (Danny) Parks, Jean’s nephew in Season 1 of The Doctor Blake Mysteries. Rick is not only an actor but a writer / producer / editor / director with shows Shop Girls, The ATM, Mates & Passenger.