What Is A Garden Room?

Is a garden office a good idea?

A garden office means a better work-life balance.

All those hours you spend commuting could be spent with the family, keeping things in order, keeping healthy and indulging your own interests.

Result: a calmer, more fulfilled you and a feeling that you’re more on top of things next year.


How long do garden rooms last?

30 yearsWhat is the lifespan of a Green Retreats garden room? Our garden room buildings are designed to last for over 30 years and come with a 10-year structural guarantee.

How do you style a garden room?

Garden room design ideasCreate a glamorous she shed. … Don’t be afraid to go big in a small garden. … Invest in a living wall that won’t detract from your home. … Avoid commitment with an easy-to-put up, glamorous garden tent. … Double up on the space with a living room and storage shed. … Keep it simple and traditional with a posh potting shed.More items…•

What is a garden room UK?

Garden Rooms are simple yet luxurious wooden structures with tiled roofs and your choice of windows, doors and stylings. Typically, they are larger and more elaborate than a Summerhouse, for example.

Does a garden room need planning permission?

You can build a garden room, a property in the garden that is less than 25 sq m in size without planning permission. But under regulations this construction cannot be used as an abode to live in full time however high spec the build and finish.

Are garden rooms worth it?

Garden Rooms give you Extra Floor Space Treat your property to a garden room and its square footage could increase substantially. More internal space is likely to give you a better sale price and make your home more usable, especially if you’re a growing family.

How much do garden rooms cost?

Bespoke garden room designs are normally priced by the square meter of floor space, so if you are looking to build a 4m x 3m garden room, you would be looking at 12sqm and expect to pay between £800 and £1,600 per square metre but REMEMBER – with both modular and bespoke garden room designs – don’t forget your extra …

Can you sleep in a garden office?

A general garden office building can be built without the need for Building Regulations (unless it is over 30sqm in size) but when you add in the possibility of sleeping in the building, even only occasionally you must apply for and must comply with Building Regulations.

What is the difference between a garden room and a conservatory?

Very loosely, a garden room is a room attached to the house, which has main the purpose of giving a view or even access to the garden. A garden room will usually have large windows but solid walls and roof. A conservatory is more like attaching a greenhouse to the side of the house.

What do you use a garden room for?

10 Really Cool Uses For Your Garden RoomHobby room. Adding a garden room to your garden can allow you to have the space to indulge in your favourite hobby away from the hustle and bustle of your house. … Gym. Enjoy fitness, but don’t want to join a gym? … Home Spa. … Yoga Ashram. … Your own local. … Memorabilia room. … Vintage game arcade. … Home office.More items…

Does a garden room add value to your house?

Boost the value of your property without the inconvenience of getting a planning permission for an extension or loft conversion. Studies have shown that adding a summerhouse or garden building to your property can add up to 5% of value.

Can a garden room be used as a bedroom?

This means you can let people sleep in your garden office. They are also useful when you come to sell your house, as the new owner will have flexibility in how they use the building. So, yes a garden office can double up as a bedroom as long as it complies with Building Regulations.