What State Has The Best License Plate?

Which state has the most license plates?

3 spot behind Helping Sea Turtles Survive (74,961).

That plate features a baby sea turtle heading out to sea.

Florida has 125 specialty plates, far more than most states but behind Texas and Virginia, the only states with more than 300 specialty plates..

Which state has the ugliest license plates?

A USA Today poll in 2014 rated these states as the ugliest license plates: Virginia, Alaska, Michigan, Arkansas, Delaware. Delaware was right on the bottom and the story dug into how their plate design has not changed since 1960.

What state has a black tag?

Delaware”Delaware allows you to have a black tag instead of the standard blue and gold tag if your number is low enough, and there’s a distinct look to those black tags,” said Irazabal, who has cataloged 2,868 low-digit tags. But while working to find all 3,000, Irazabal discovered what he says is a disturbing trend.

What is the only state with USA on its standard license plates?

NEW MEXICONEW MEXICO. With its captivating green, yellow, and red color combo, New Mexico’s license plate lives up to the state’s nickname, the “Land of Enchantment.” Featuring the state flower, the yucca, it’s also the only American license plate to specify “USA.”

What is the rarest US license plate?

What is the rarest license plate? In U.S. issues, most collectors still consider the 1921 Alaska license plate to be the “holy grail” of license plates, although it’s arguable if this issue has the fewest known examples on hand. The 1912 Mississippi is also a rare one, and the possibility of 1911 porcelain Miss.

What state has a bear on the license plate?

Alaska StateAlaska State Legislature. The bear design consists of a standing grizzly bear in the center of the plate modeled after the 1976 bicentennial license plate beloved by Alaskans and collectors alike.