What’S Another Word For Reckoning?

What is the opposite of an apocalypse?


Antonyms: concealment, suppression, obscuration, veiling, shrouding, eclipse, envelopment.

Synonyms: revelation, manifestation, unveiling, exhibition, divestment, exposure, disclosure..

What does the end of the world mean?

: the most terrible and unpleasant thing possible —usually used in negative statements to mean something is not as terrible as it seems to be.

What is another word for gall?

Some common synonyms of gall are audacity, cheek, chutzpah, effrontery, hardihood, nerve, and temerity. While all these words mean “conspicuous or flagrant boldness,” nerve, cheek, gall, and chutzpah are informal equivalents for effrontery.

What is another word for get in the way?

What is another word for get in the way?encumberhamperhinderimpedeinterfereobstructblockhold upinhibithandicap236 more rows

What is a synonym for Apocalypse?

catastrophe, debacle. (also débâcle), disaster, tragedy.

What is another word for nerve?

Some common synonyms of nerve are audacity, cheek, chutzpah, effrontery, gall, hardihood, and temerity.

What does acrimony mean in English?

noun. sharpness, harshness, or bitterness of nature, speech, disposition, etc.: The speaker attacked him with great acrimony.

What is the meaning of gall?

1 : brazen boldness coupled with impudent assurance and insolence had the gall to think that he could replace her. 2a : bile especially : bile obtained from an animal and used in the arts or medicine. b : something bitter to endure. c : bitterness of spirit : rancor.

What does the day of reckoning mean in the Bible?

Day of reckoning refers to the Last Judgment of God in Christian and Islamic belief during which everyone after death is called to account for their actions committed in life.

What’s the difference between revenge and a reckoning?

As nouns the difference between reckoning and revenge is that reckoning is the action of calculating or estimating something while revenge is any form of personal retaliatory action against an individual, institution, or group for some perceived harm or injustice.

What is another word for obstacles?

Synonyms forbump.handicap.hardship.interference.obstruction.restriction.snag.stumbling block.

What is the synonym of reckoning?

In this page you can discover 80 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for reckoning, like: judgment, retribution, charge, calculation, count, tally, account, bill, cost, debt and settlement.

What is the meaning of the word reckoning?

the time when one is called to account for one’s actions, to pay one’s debts, or to fulfill one’s promises or obligations.

What is another way to say keep in mind?

consider, recognize, reckon, acknowledge, cogitate, concede, scrutinize, speculate. cherish, ponder, muse-over, imagine, hold, heed. remember, reminisce, retain, save, retrospect, grasp, posses.

What is another word for dystopian?

Dystopian Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for dystopian?anti-utopianapocalypticbleakgrimdesperate1 more row

How do you use the word reckoning?

Examples of reckoning in a Sentence When the day of reckoning comes, we will have to face some unpleasant truths. Our football team hardly comes into the reckoning. Because of his injury, he is out of the reckoning. The team is still in the reckoning.

What does impede mean?

to retard in movementto retard in movement or progress by means of obstacles or hindrances; obstruct; hinder.

What is another word for obstructing?

SYNONYMS FOR obstruct ON THESAURUS.COM 1 stop, choke, clog, hinder, impede, prevent; check, slow, retard, arrest.